Miami Valley Council Units

The Miami Valley Council is made up of many local Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, Varsity Teams, and Explorer Posts. Each unit is sponsored by a community-based organization that receives a national charter to use the Scouting program as a part of their own youth work.

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Accessing a Contingent Registration After the Order has been Submitted

Units that are attending an event (Boy Scout or Cub Scout summer camp) will use the search feature on the next page by clicking the above link to access their unit's (summer camp) registration. The contingent registration page is powerful and gives you the ability to change information after it's been submitted in the initial order.

This YouTube tutorial video may be helpful when registering Scouts for summer camp. This resource will also be helpful to Cub Scout Packs looking to add Scouts, or adults, to an already initiated registration.

Individuals who have not registered as a contingent (Pack/ Troop) will not be able to modify this information after the order has been finalized.

Who is Authorized to Access Contingent Registrations

For the protection and privacy of our Scouts and participants, access to the contingent page is limited to unit leadership, and the person(s) who initiated the event registration. If you require access to this page, please contact the council for access.