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Message from your Council Commissioner

Dear Miami Valley Scouter,

From time-to-time people ask me what is the actual job of a commissioner. Here are our expectations for a MVC commissioner.  Our goal is to help you meet your goal and offer the best possible scouting program to the youth of the Miami Valley.

      The Commissioner is a generalist whose passionate overriding mission in Scouting is to help units succeed.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Help each unit earn the Gold Journey To Excellence Award.
  • Use the annual commissioner service plan, with its scheduled opportunities for commissioner contact with units.
  • Know each phase of the Scouting program.
  • Review Scouting program literature.
  • Visit unit meetings.
    • Observe the unit in action and determine the degree to which the descriptions in the literature are being followed.
    • If called upon, participate or help in some of the regular activities of the unit.
  • Visit regularly with the unit leader.
    • Listen to what the unit leader has to say.
    • Offer encouragement and support.
    • Using the literature and profile sheet, help the leader see new opportunities for improvement.
    • Maintain the best possible relationship with unit leadership.
    • Help the leader with forms and applications.
    • Encourage unit participation in district and council program events and training opportunities.
  • Work to assure effective and active unit committees.
    • Visit with the unit committee periodically.
    • Observe the committee in action.
    • Using the literature, offer suggestions for improvement.
    • Work with the committee to solve problems and improve unit operation.
  • Keep in touch with the chartered organizations of the units you serve.
    • Meet and orient the chartered organization representative.
    • Meet the head of the organization and explain your role as helper of units.
    • Help develop a good relationship between unit leaders and chartered organization leaders.
  • Know the neighborhood in which your units are located.
    • Help graduating members of one program join the next level of Scouting.
    • Identify potential sources for new youth members.
    • Cultivate men and women of good moral character who might become Scouting leaders.
    • Know chartered organizations and prospective ones.
    • Learn about resources and characteristics of the neighborhood, which may affect a unit.
  • Know the district and council.
    • Identify resources that can help the unit.
    • Know scheduled events that will help the unit.
    • Work closely with the professional staff.
    • Use members of district operating committees to help meet specialized needs of your units.
  • Set the example.
    • Adopt an attitude of helpfulness.
    • Keep promises.
    • Be concerned about proper uniforming.
    • Be diplomatic.
  • Continue to grow in experience and knowledge.
    • Attend commissioner training experiences and earn the commissioner training awards.
    • Meet with, and share information with, other commissioners.
  • Involve unit personnel in Cub Scout roundtables, Boy Scout roundtables
  • Make certain that proper techniques are used to select and recruit unit leaders.
  • Facilitate the on-time annual charter renewal of all assigned units.
    • Help the unit conduct a membership inventory of youth and adults.
    • Help the unit committee chairman conduct the charter renewal meeting.
    • See that a completed charter renewal application is returned to the council service center

Yours in Scouting,

Connie Crist

Connie Crist
Council Commissioner

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