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May 6, 2017
BALOO and OWL Training

Baloo and OWL Training

Do you need to complete either BALOO or OWLS training?

Wright Brothers District will hold this training on Saturday, May 6th at the Schiewetz Leadership Training Center.

See below for more detailed information to determine which training you should take.

Course start/stop times

BALOO 8:30 AM - 4:45 PM
OWL 8:30 AM - 8:15 PM

Registration fees:

  Fee DatesPrice
 Early Bird Price April 4th - 23rd25
 Regular Price April 24th - 30th 30
Late Fee Price May 1st - May 4th35 

What is BALOO training?

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation is a one-day training event that introduces parents and leaders to the skills needed to plan and conduct pack outdoor activities, particularly pack camping.

A day of fun and learning prepares pack leaders to plan and carry out "entry-level" outdoor experiences. Ask a boy why he wants to be a Cub Scout, and nine times out of 10 he'll answer "to go camping." Cub Scouting has designed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) training, so boys, along with their parents/pack leaders, can participate in a successful overnight camping experience.

A pack camp-out, at a location approved by the local council, is a great way for families to have fun and build confidence in outdoor skills. This kind of camping isn't the rugged high adventure outing geared toward older Boy Scouts. It's what you might call "soft camping," where families can simply drive up to a campsite and pitch a tent within a few feet of their vehicle's rear bumper. The emphasis is on family fun activities that don't require lots of advanced outdoor skills.

How do you get started? A member of your pack committee needs to attend BALOO training. This BALOO session will give your pack's outdoor activity leader and other leaders the tools to conduct a safe and successful overnight camp-out.

The BALOO sessions include the why and how of Cub Scout camping—planning, equipment, meal preparation, and campfire programs. Cub Scouters will also rotate among four round-robin sessions—fire safety, stoves, and lanterns; first aid and sanitation; nature hikes and games; and cooking. With proper planning and your BALOO-trained leader, your pack should be set for a fun and exciting weekend event.

What is “OWL” training?

"Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills”, is one of the most comprehensive, informative and fun trainings you will ever attend. You will learn skills and training in areas such as: leadership, communications, campsite preparation, bedding types, weather, building campfires, cooking, skits, songs, ceremonies, and much more.

Webelos dens are encouraged to participate in joint den-troop campouts, particularly in the fifth-grade year.  Best of all, you will be better prepared, to lead your boys down the trail to becoming Boy Scouts.

Designed specifically for Webelos den leaders and their assistants, the Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills course teaches outdoor-related skills through demonstration and hands-on practice. Webelos den leaders need to attend this training before conducting Webelos overnight camping with the boys and parents of the den.

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