Wood Badge is the ultimate leadership training program for the adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America. Similar courses on the corporate side cost thousands of dollars per attendee and may not offer the same depth. Wood Badge is a modern format of training that delivers the latest in 12 leadership skills that will help you be the best leader possible. These are skills that will become part of your everyday life. You will use these skills at home, church, and anywhere leadership is needed.

The course is made to provide the highest quality course with the most experienced staff to a diverse audience. We promise you friendship, camaraderie, knowledge, personal awareness, and most of all fun.

Lord Baden-Powell originally designed it so that Scouters could learn, in as practical a way possible, the skills and methods of Scouting. It is, first and foremost, learning by doing.

Wood Badge has evolved into the core leadership skills training course for the BSA. The Wood Badge course focuses on strengthening every volunteer's ability to work with and lead groups of youth and adults and is less focused on outdoor skills, which are more effectively addressed in other courses.

Wood Badge ...

• Is open to every adult leader.
• Is based on contemporary leadership concepts used in the private sector.
• Is a cost-effective leadership program.
• Is designed for use in Scouting as well as in the workplace and other volunteer organizations.
• Is a common foundation of leadership skills to be used throughout all program areas.
• Is experience-based learning as well as classroom learning.
• Will be delivered in the Miami Valley Council over two three-day weekends.

Curriculum and Leadership Skills

Wood Badge training consists of two parts - a practical phase and an application phase. The practical phase is conducted as a troop in a camping setting. Here leadership skills can be learned and practiced as part of life in a troop. The application phase happens at the conclusion of the practical phase for a period of not more than 18 months. During both phases of the Wood Badge course five central themes are focused on and developed:

LIVING THE VALUES (developing your personal mission and vision)
BRINGING THE VISION TO LIFE (communication skills, coaching and mentoring, leveraging diversity)
MODELS FOR SUCCESS (how your style of leadership should relate to the skills of your team)
TOOLS OF THE TRADE (project planning, managing conflict, assessing team performance, managing change, celebrating team success)
LEADING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE (leaving a legacy and the secrets of effective leadership)

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending Wood Badge training, participants will be able to

• View Scouting globally, as a family of interrelated, values-based programs that provide age-appropriate activities for youth.
• Recognize the contemporary leadership concepts utilized in corporate America and leading government organizations that are relevant to our values-based movement.
• Apply the skills they learn from their participation as a member of a successful working team.
• Revitalize their commitment by sharing in an overall inspirational experience that helps provide Scouting with the leadership it needs to accomplish its mission on an ongoing basis.

What's in it for YOU?

Every Scout deserves a trained leader! We expect the best from out scouts, they should expect no less from us. Leadership is a key to the scouting program and we strive to create an environment where leadership, learning, and advancement make scouts grow. We provide these through our scouting programs from boy lead leadership, advancement and recognition. To provide this leadership we as Scouters need the right tools, and resources. Wood Badge is the answer to helping you in all these areas.

The course is designed to reach all adults at any level of professional training and in any aspect of scouting; Cub Scout, Boy Scout/Scouts BSA and Venturing. Wood Badge will help you in self and team motivation, and will help you in providing the best leadership for your program. The course will help you in your organization, communication, and management skills that will benefit you in your professional life also.

Wood Badge will help you improve your role in Scouting. It will help you focus on your responsibilities, identify a goal, help you work toward that goal and give you the tools to reach it. But Wood Badge is more than that. It teaches how a group develops and how the leader can assist in that process. It is about the interrelationship of all members of the Scouting family. It helps identify the connections between the district, the council, and the individual unit. It shows you how to tie Scouting's values into unit meetings with outings. Wood Badge is more than a classroom it is games and hands-on projects. You will come away with an appreciation of Scouting's heritage as well as a dream for the role you will play in its future the impact you will make on a youth in your own unit at home.

When is Wood Badge

•  1st Weekend  (September 13-15, 2019)

•  2nd Weekend (October 4-6, 2019)

Cost to Attend

Early Bird: $250.00 (Early Bird Rate Ends June 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM)
Regular: $275.00
Late Fee: $300.00 (Late Period begins August 12, 2019 at 12 AM) 

Ready to Register?

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Contact the course director Lori Frankart at lori.frankart@gmail.com or 937-271-8547.