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Interfaith Committee on Scouting

As a group of Scouters of diverse faiths, the committee's activities will be governed by Lord Baden-Powell's tenets of reverence to God, one's neighbor and one's self.  Programs will promote the concepts of spiritual values, while at the same time teach religious tolerance.  Events will be prioritized in recognition that spiritual values are key components of Scouting.

"On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my Country" highlights our Scout Oath.

The Interfaith Committee works with the Council and Membership Committee to accomplish several different missions:

Recruitment of New Units - The Interfaith Committee will be working with religious organizations to get new Scouting units started at houses of worship that do not now charter units and to encourage organizations that already charter a Pack to sponsor a Troop or a Venturing Crew.  If your house of worship does not charter a unit and you'd like to get one started, please get in contact with us.

Promotion of the Religious Emblems Programs - The Interfaith Committee actively promotes the religious awards program for Scouts and recognizes both Scouts and Scouters who have been awarded religious emblems by their faith traditions.  Here are some basic resources about the religious awards programs for several faiths:

  • Protestant Awards - (link: Programs for religious Activities with Youth is an independent organization which sponsors religious awards for most protestant denominations as well as several other faith traditions.  Their awards can be earned as any youth, whether involved in Scouting or not, but the BSA recognizes their awards.  By clicking on "Recognitions/Awards", you can search by different faith traditions.  This listing provides links to religious awards not only sponsored by P.R.A.Y., but also by other fiath traditions as well.
  • Roman Catholic Awards - (link:  This link is to the National Catholic Council on Scouting with general information on youth and adult awards.  These awards are coordinated through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (link:  catholic-religious-emblems)
  • Jewish Awards - (link:  Jewish Scouting)  Applications and information about Jewish awards can be found at this site.  The Miami Valley Council Jewish Committee on Scouting (link:  Dayton JCOS) is also a resource that you can use.
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Awards - (link:  LDS)  Basic information about LDS awards can be found at this link.  Scouts and Scouters should contact officials at their ward or stake to start on these awards.
  • Islamic Awards - (link:  Islamic Awards)  Basic information about Islamic Awards can be found at this link.  The Islamic Committee on Scouting MVC BSA (link:  Islamic Committee) is also a resource that you can use.
  • Buddhist Awards - (link:  Buddhist Awards)
  • Hindu Awards - (link:  Hindu Awards)

If a Scout or Scouter from your unit has earned a religious award, please pass along the information to Mike Clinch, who is the Miami Valley Council Religious Emblems Coordinator.

Recognition of Adult Scouters - The Interfaith Committee presents the Roy D. Miller Award annually at the Council Recognition Dinner (the fourth Friday of January each year), acts as a clearing house for Roman Catholic adult awards presented by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (St. George; Bronze Pelican) and the Miami Valley Catholic Committee of Scouting (Nancy Buddendeck Award), and acts as a clearing house for jewish awards presented by the Miami Valley Jewish Committee on Scouting (Shofar Award, Keren Or Award).  Here is the general nomination form and other information concerning these awards.  The deadline for nominations for the St. George's Award and the Bronze pelican is September 1 each year.  The deadline for all other awards is December 1 each year.

Summer Camp Chaplain - We are now accepting applications from senior Scouters for this challenging position.  Challenging work, modest pay, very few dull moments, and perhaps one of our greatest summers await the person awarded this position at Woodland Trails for 2015.

Education and Events - The Interfaith Committee conducts its own events and educational programs throughout the year to help foster adherence to the Twelfth Point of the Scout Law, "A Scout is Reverent", by giving Scouts and Scouters an opportunity to learn about other faiths and traditions, and to celebrate their own faith traditions.  Some events are:

  • Scout Shabbat - The Miami Valley Council Annual Scout Shabbat is an opportunity for Scouts and Adult Scouters of all faiths to worship together and to learn about the Jewish service.  The service is typically held around the first week of February and rotates among the Jewish congregations in Dayton.  For more information about the annual Scout Shabbat service or to learn more about Jewish Scouting in the Miami Valley, please contact Scott Segalewitz by email or at 937-885-6868.  Additional information can also be found at DaytonJCoS.
  • Scout Sunday - The Boy Scouts of America designates the Sunday that falls before February 8 (Scouting Anniversary Day) as Scout Sunday, which is the primary date to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting.  However, each chartered organization may select an alternate day for this service.  Please contact your local house of worship of Chartered Organization Representative for more information.
  • University of Scouting - The Interfaith Committee has a booth in the Midway for the the University of Scouting.  In addition, we plan to offer two multi-session training courses: Religious Emblem Counselor Training and Chaplain/Chaplain Aide Training.  This event is normally held the last Saturday of April.
  • Hike for Religious Understanding - The Interfaith Committee will hold a Hike for Religious Understanding, modeled on the 2010 Ten Commandments Hike.  


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