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Welcome to the Popcorn Support Portal!

Popcorn is a truly unique fundraiser. This goal oriented program helps youth develop many life skills while supporting their own way through the Scouting program. Whether you're new to the sale, or a caramel-seasoned pro, we look forward to supporting your sale as you Build an Adventure! 

Commit to Sell Popcorn Here 

Sign Up for the "Get Corn Early Days" Here

Check out the 2019 Kickoff Slideshow PDF if you weren't able to make the training

Be Sure to check out the Trail's End Unit Training Dashboard, where you can find helpful resources 



Popcorn Overview

Why Sell Trails End Popcorn? (PDF)

Show and Sell Suggested Order(XLS)

Use this spreadsheet to help you place your Show and Sell Order

Popcorn Tracking Spreadsheet (XLS)

This can be a great tool to track who has what popcorn within your unit

Program Planner Budget(XLS)

Unit Transfer Guide (PDF)

A guide on transferring product from your unit to another in the Trails End System


Planning the Best Unit Kickoff

Unit Kickoff Checklist(PDF)

Kickoff Best Practices (PDF)

Editable Parent Handout (PDF)

Scout Sale Planning Worksheet (PDF)

Scout Sales Script and Selling Tips Cards (PDF)

Military Support Information(PDF)

Benefits of Selling Online (PDF)


Show and Sell Resources

Editable Storefront Letter (WORD)

Use this to form the perfect letter to introduce the show and sell to a shop or business owner!

Successful Store Sales (PDF)

Prizes and Incentives

Trails End Scholarship Information and Login (Link)

2019 Unit Commission Plan

Base Commission for 2018 Popcorn Sales = 32% Commission  

Pay your Show and Sell on time + 0.5% Commission

Pay your Take Order on time + 0.5% Commission

Doing all of the above =  33% Commission


Other Resources

Benefits of Selling Online:

How It Works (registration and page setup):

Online Prize Program:

Online Selling Tips and Best Practices:


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