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2017 Wright Brothers District Award Recipients

AwardRecipient NameUnit
Organization of the YearMiami Township
Organization of the YearSt. Albert the Great Cathlolic Church
Commissioner of the YearJames Rhinehart
Couples AwardStella & Warren AssinkCrew 236
Couples AwardKelly & Tom CoderreTroop 516
Couples AwardJenne & Kenny DeckerTeam 524
Couples AwardMichele & Travis EggertPack 116
Couples AwardJill & Randy FoxTroop 316
Couples AwardJennifer & Blaine HoffmannPack 236
Couples AwardRandee & Dave McAffeePack 524
Couples AwardKatrina & Kerry OnyettTroop 316
Couples AwardTonya & John YoukerTroop 193
Newcomer Award PackWalter AllisonPack 813
Newcomer Award PackNicole ChapmanPack 813
Newcomer Award PackSteven GallowayPack 116
Newcomer Award PackBen JohnsonPack 101
Newcomer Award PackCarrie MartinPack 236
Newcomer Award PackRandee McAffeePack 524
Newcomer Award PackTammy McKinziePack 236
Newcomer Award PackJeff NielsonPack 101
Newcomer Award PackJames TollefsonPack 452
Newcomer Award PackJenny WolfePack 236
Newcomer Award TroopDan CurrieTroop 116
Newcomer Award TroopMichael DowlerTroop 316
Newcomer Award TroopAndrew FeinerTroop 316
Newcomer Award TroopFrederick H. Guerin IVTroop 316
Newcomer Award TroopAllison HanlinTroop 320
Newcomer Award TroopDavid HuhtaTroop 316
Newcomer Award TroopPalmer JasonTroop 316
Newcomer Award TroopJohn MartinTroop 530
Newcomer Award TroopMichael SpauldingTroop 516
Newcomer Award TroopCarson StoneTroop 236
Newcomer Award TroopJan SwedlundTroop 320
Newcomer Award TroopChad WickTroop 516
Newcomer Award TroopMolly ZumbergeTroop 316
Newcomer Award DistrictThomas BozungDistrict
Newcomer Award DistrictJim CunninghamDistrict
Newcomer Award DistrictBrian HollandDistrict
Newcomer Award DistrictMike SheppardDistrict
Newcomer Award DistrictNikkala ThomsonDistrict
Newcomer Award DistrictBrian WalterDistrict
Newcomer Award DistrictTad WertzDistrict
Unit Leader of the Year PackThomas BozungPack 101
Unit Leader of the Year PackAmy BrightPack 425
Unit Leader of the Year PackKelly HickPack 101
Unit Leader of the Year PackKevin LeedyPack 116
Unit Leader of the Year TroopTerry DomerTroop 167
Unit Leader of the Year TroopBrian HollandTroop 236
Unit Leader of the Year TroopGregory J. ToussaintTroop 101
Unit Leader of the Year TroopDana MaynorTroop 767
Unit Leader of the Year TroopBrian RambacherTroop 516
Unit Leader of the Year TroopGlen SimonTroop 318
Unit Leader of the Year TroopCharles ToddTroop 320
Unit Leader of the Year CrewStella AssinkCrew 236
Unit Leader of the Year CrewMichael RiceCrew 308
Chartered Org Rep of the YearDottie AtkinsPack 516
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardBob BishopTroop 236
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardGary DurcshPack 409
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardHerm GreiderTroop 530
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardDan HartTroop 316
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardTimothy JudgeTroop 101
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardRalph KingTroop 316
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardMike LealosTroop 193
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardPaul LeSaintTroop 530
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardJames MarshTroop 530
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardHarry OxriderPack 116
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardLinda PearsonTroop 101
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardJim ProctorPack 1
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardWendy ProctorPack 1
OUSA-Outstanding Unit Service AwardDan WertzTroop 316
Silver CycleFrank BenedictTroop 316
Silver CycleRobert JacquesDistrict
Silver CycleJereme KupermanTroop 320
District Award of MeritJoe B. Ritter, Jr.Troop 236
District Award of MeritRoger BardsleyPack 236
District Award of MeritLori FrankartTroop 402

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