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Two Rivers District

The Two Rivers District serves Scouting youth, parents and adult volunteers in Miami and Shelby Counties.

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District Advancement News -- May 3, 2018

Summer Advancement Committee Meetings:

  • Thursday, June 7th – LDS Church (Loy Rd.) 6:00 pm

  • Thursday, July 12th – LDS Church (Loy Rd.) 6:00 pm

  • Thursday, August 2nd – meeting at Kick-Off location 6:00 pm


There is no Roundtable during the months of June and July, and the August Roundtable is the District Kick-Off, usually held in a place other than the LDS Church. Watch your emails to see when and where the Kick-Off is going to be held.

The District Advancement team will meet at the times and locations listed above to review Eagle Service Projects and to do other advancement business.

Reminder: Scouts need to ask their references to send letters of recommendation to the Council office. These letters can be requested as early as the start of the Scout’s Eagle Service Project. Letters should NEVER be given to or sent to the Scout.


Advancement Committee Members

  • Bernie Barhorst is the point of contact for Miami County Scouts.

  • Dale Wical is the point of contact for Shelby County Scouts.

Bernie Barhorst (Chair)    937-778-0369      937-570-0130

Dale Wical (Shelby contact)  937-492-2712      937-658-4172

Steve Lawrence             Ron Harbaugh                Dick Loffer

Donna Mills                     Jim Ridgeway                 Elaine Shuga

(Question about Eagle required merit badges on the back)

Question:         A Scout has earned the Cycling, Hiking, and Swimming

merit badges. How many can he use for his Star Rank?

Answer:           He may use one, two, or all three for his Star rank. Even

though all three of the merit badges come from the same required group, the 2017 edition of the Guide to Advancement (cited below) states that any Eagle required merit badge may be used for the Star and Life ranks, even those in the same grouping. BUT…only one counts as required for the Eagle rank. Others could be used as electives.

2017 Guide to Advancement excerpt Earning Eagle-Required Merit Badges for Star or Life Rank

Candidates for Star or Life, in the selection of “any four” or “any three,” respectively, of the merit badges required for Eagle, may choose from all those listed, including where alternatives are available: Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving; Cycling OR Hiking OR Swimming; and Environmental Science OR Sustainability. For example, if a Scout earns Cycling, Hiking, and Swimming, all three of them count as Eagle-required for Life rank. Only one, however, would serve toward the required merit badges for the Eagle Scout rank. The other two would count toward the optional merit badges required to make up the total of 21 merit badges.

Note that Star and Life requirements each allow two non-Eagle-required merit badges. It is the Scout’s decision, however, to earn more—or all—of his Star and Life badges from the Eagle-required list.


Here is a link to the National Advancement News publication:

or for previous editions:

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