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July 21, 2014

Thank you for taking the time to read this month’s Email Blast, this communication tool is brought to you by your Commissioner Corps.  This monthly email blast is sent out on the 21st day of the month, particularly significant since this day and month is the birthday (June 21, 1850) for one of the fathers of the Commissioner Corps, Daniel Carter Beard, first National Commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America.

Having edited this month’s email blast we’re very much aware that if you are a regular reader of this communique a lot of the information included may be information you viewed in last month’s email blast.

While we’d like to send out the best product we can, there is still a need to share certain information multiple times throughout our Annual Commissioner Service Plan.  Your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our communication processes and procedures are appreciated, so please contact us to share.   Enjoy…

DISTRICT COMMISSIONER INSIGHT                                                 

For the next four months, our Council Commissioner has offered up this section of the monthly email blast to each District Commissioner to make their case for a quality Commissioner Corps in their District which can do nothing but strengthen our Council.

This month we welcome the new Two Rivers District and its District Commissioner, Jim Crawford.

Fellow Commissioners,

Ahhh, summertime is almost over, July 4th is past, and back to school is around the corner.  At least that’s what I always thought as a kid.  I always got a little depressed after the 4th of July.  We started school after Labor Day in “my day”, so of course summer wasn’t really over.  Maybe it was football practice and those dreaded two-a-days that I was really depressed about.  Kids start school in August now, so it really seems like a short summer.  I hope everyone got to do the things they wanted to and stayed safe.

August is Scouting kick-off time with membership drives, popcorn sales, and fun-time activities planned for our units.  As Commissioners, it’s time for us to get ready to greet our units that were at summer camp, resident camp, day camp and exploring the world with their fun summertime Scouting activities.

Hopefully your units have already planned their next year of activities and even more importantly, you were part of their planning process.  If not, get involved and make sure your units have a plan!  I have always said there are three things that cause units to struggle: lack of program, lack of trained leaders and lack of a Leadership Succession Plan.  Program is #1 because it affects the scouts directly.  Quality program keeps youth interested and engaged, interests new youth in joining a fun program, and parents bringing their youth to meetings.  Trained leaders know how to conduct a quality program.  They get their basic training, they attend Roundtables, the University of Scouting and other training opportunities.  A unit can look good on the outside and have a quality program with one person doing all the work and all the planning, but not for long.  Unit leader succession needs to start a year ahead to allow top leaders to mentor their replacements.

So, enjoy the rest of your summer (forget about those two-a-days) and let’s get ready to start a new program year of Scouting!

See you on the Scouting Trail ….

Yours in Scouting

Jim Crawford
Two Rivers District Commissioner




Every day we face challenges as individuals, Scouters and Commissioners.  Often we find reasons not to do something, or not try because of the difficulty, or because we think it is too hard.

On September 12, 1962, amid a fierce space race with the Soviet Union, U.S. President John F. Kennedy delivered a stirring speech to 40,000 spectators at the football stadium at Rice University in humid Houston, a speech that would come to be one of the defining moments of his presidency.

Said Kennedy, in the most famous words from that Rice address:

"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too."

How can any of us hear or read those words and not be motivated to “do our best, to do our duty” and make the Scouting program we love better. We will never be the largest Council, but there is no reason why we can’t be the best!

Yours in Scouting, 

Ken Grimes
Council Commissioner

Commissioner Tools and Unit Service Plan

Because progress has been happening at a rapid pace, this update to the Commissioner Tools will be of particular interest to all commissioners and Scouting professionals even if you had a chance to look at and "drive" a preview of the Commissioner Tools at the 2014 National Annual Meeting.  If you are just starting to learn about the Commissioner Tools and would like catch up on what has been previously published, please look at the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 issues of The Commissioner which can be found at

A philosophical perspective of what the Commissioner Tools are intended to be may be helpful to those who mistakenly might think we might be trying to create a commissioner avatar that removes the most important human elements of being a good commissioner.  The Commissioner Tools are NOT trying to change what commissioners do, instead they are intended to help commissioners better perform (not change) our current functions by improving our efficiency and access of information. A simple, high level summary would put the Commissioner Tools in the context of what commissioners already know and do:

  • Administer commissioners and their assigned units - use the tool to assign commissioners to units.
  • Make contacts - use the tool to record contacts.  A commissioner is most effective through frequent contact with their units so they can build a friendly and trusting relationship
  • Conduct roundtables - use the tool to record attendance and monitor effectiveness.
  • Conduct assessments to help a unit improve – In concert with the Unit Service Plan and Journey to Excellence (JTE), use the tool to record the results and build an action plan(s) that may access and incorporate district, council and other resources beyond the unit.
  • Monitor a unit's progress - use the tool to access unit information.

As a part of our Commissioner Tools training efforts, we need to make sure that the users understand the following key principles which form the foundation for the Commissioner Tools.  If you are unfamiliar with either of these two concepts, please ask for some assistance:

  • How Journey to Excellence can be used by commissioners and units to strengthen all aspects of a unit.
  • How Unit Service Plan is a better way to provide unit service by supporting all elements of excellent unit service and our approach to starting and sustaining high-performing units. The Unit Service Plan is so integral to the Commissioner Tools that the Detailed Contact Assessment process in the Commissioner Tools fully incorporates the Unit Service Plan in the areas of Finance, Membership, Program and Leadership and Governance. Unit Service Plan PowerPoint .

WHEN WILL I GET TO USE COMMISSIONER TOOLS?  Admittedly there have been some frustrating delays getting Commissioner Tools sufficiently complete that we can successfully "launch" it and meet your expectations.  The timing of the release is a balancing act of making sure that it is complete enough to be of value and well received, yet not take so long that in our pursuit of a "perfect" tool we never launch the product.  From a Program Manager's perspective, this latter scenario is avoided by knowing when "Better is the enemy of Good Enough."  The team of commissioners and professionals working on the creation of the Commissioner Tools remains committed to not releasing the Commissioner Tools until we think it is ready.  At this time our best estimates are that the approximately one dozen "pilot" council, councils where volunteers have been already assisting with the User Acceptance Testing, will start using the Commissioner Tools around August 1.  After the pilot councils have had about 45 days of experience, we will make any final changes, and plan to allow the remaining councils to start using the Commissioner Tools perhaps as early as October 1.

TRAINING and FAMILIARIZATION?  Training will primarily be accomplished by using the current IT industry approach of "go and explore" which required us to ensure through our User Acceptance Testing (5 of at least 7 planned cycles for Release 1 have been completed so far) that we have made Commissioner Tools very intuitive. Other training and familiarization opportunities include several videos which will be streamed and available on the national site, webinars, a training "sandbox" based on a fictitious council where commissioners can "play" or preplan local, live training (note that the sandbox area will be wiped clean at 12:00am CST every Monday morning).  On top of all the preceding, other local training opportunities and other training methods may be developed.

Found below are links to the following brand new documents which should be of assistance as you and your fellow commissioner and professional users prepare to transition to the Commissioner Tools:

As a reminder, the requirements document for the Commissioner Tools which was initially developed by the Focus Group is a "living" document.  Not all the identified functionality will be available in Release 1 of the Commissioner Tools, and we will continue to add enhancements to the requirements document for post-Release 1 based upon your input.

LAST MINUTE UPDATE:             

Have you been to the Commissioner Tools and Unit Service Plan page on the Commissioners website?  If you are the typical “go get ‘er” commissioner, you probably went as soon as you learned there was new material available. In our effort to get the page updated and the information to you before the 4th of July holiday, we weren’t able to get everything we wanted in this update. If you go to the web page again you will see even MORE information and a hyperlink to another presentation on the Unit Service Plan .

(If you don’t see the new material “try clearing your browser’s cache.”) Knowledge and an understanding of The Unit Service Plan is important for all commissioners as a key cornerstone which the Commissioner Tools is built upon, so the presentation was built complete with speaker notes so you can use it in your commissioner training sessions.




Change in Unit Registration Status and Membership Reporting

A change in the reporting of membership data on national membership reports will begin effective January 1, 2015.  Starting then a unit that has not reregistered by its expiration date will be considered “separated” and immediately dropped from BSA’s membership reporting.  There will no longer be what we now call a lapse period for units that do not reregister on time.  This is also a change in the way we currently report membership totals. Currently a lapsed unit’s membership continues to be counted for 60 days in council membership totals.

The new definition will begin with units that have an effective date of January 1, 2015. This means that units with a December 31, 2014 expiration date will be included. Volunteers will retain access to MyScouting, MyScouting tools, Internet Rechartering and Internet Advancement for 30 days after their unit has expired and become separated.

A separated unit will have 12 months to reregister as a separated-re-registered (SR) unit. Once a separated unit has been reregistered the unit will be included on membership reports starting in the business month the recharter was posted.


FAQ regarding January 1, 2015 Lapsed Period Change


  1. What are the implications for unit insurance coverage, access to district/council activities, and anything that requires current BSA membership, like OA membership?

    Liability insurance and unit accident insurance coverage will continue since the term for accident insurance is January through December.  Councils will still have the ability to approve or deny an accident insurance claim as they do today. Each council will work to determine access to district and council activities, but obviously anyone serving in an active leadership role needs to be currently registered.  An individual’s access to national resources like MyScouting tools will expire 30 days after the expired registration and it is immediately restored when the person renews their membership.

  2. Will the youth advancement and leader training/awards records be maintained for units that don't meet the recharter deadline?

    Records such as these are in the individual’s member record which is maintained. They will be reactivated on the date the dropped unit renews as a separated-reregistered (SR) unit. Dropped units are given 12 months to renew as an SR unit.  The individual’s record stays maintained in the BSA computer system for retrieval and reactivation at any later date.

    What about a Scout who has completed all the requirements for Eagle but his unit is not rechartered? Can he have a Board of Review?  How do we handle advancement records?

    Local councils take all circumstances into consideration when processing youth advancement and endeavor to not allow situations where the youth is penalized through no fault of his own.   However, in order to process an electronic Eagle application through PAS, the individual must be currently registered.  An individual is considered active in the program only while registered, but tenure for advancement purposes can be regained through payment of the back registration if it is due to processing delays, not true inactivity.

  3. What happens to a unit’s tenure? Will it continue once the unit reregisters, or will it restart?

    Unit tenure can be maintained without a gap if it renews within 12 months after it has expired and the backdated registration fees are paid for the full time in between.

  4. Will this affect unit’s access to Internet Rechartering?

    No. Unit renewal processors will continue to be able to access Internet Rechartering to submit their renewal for 60 days after their unit expiration date.

  5. How will this affect the registrars processing of renewals?

There is no change to the unit renewal process.  Registrars will still be able to access unit renewals submitted through Internet Rechartering by going to Unposted Units in PAS as they do today.  In addition, they will continue to post paper renewals through Charter Renewal in PAS for 12 months after the unit has expired.


2014 Commissioner Training Schedule:

* ACC-Training, David Sword is still looking for a Commissioner(s) to help with the University of Scouting Commissioner taught sessions, particularly Leader Conflict and Why Do I Need to Attend Roundtable?.  If interested contact David at as soon as possible.

The University of Scouting will be held on Saturday, November 1st at St. Henry’s  located at 6696 Springboro Pike Miamisburg, Ohio 45449                    



Next Unit Commissioner Basic is August 16, 2014 10 AM at the Scout Service Center on Poe Avenue in Dayton. Email ACC-David Sword at at least 2 weeks ahead if you need training.

 Future Basic training course will be October 25, 2014

*CONTINUING EDUCATION (at Monthly Commissioner Cabinet Meetings)

September 18              New Leader Training

December 18               Top Ten Ways to Insure Good Commissioner Service


 To Be Announced



NOAC-NATIONAL ORDER OF THE ARROW CONFERENCE…August 3-8, 2015 at Michigan State University

The 2014 POPCORN sale is just around the corner, start setting up your customers for the best product sales ever!

POPCORN SALES KICK OFF… August 12th, SLTC at 6:30 PM  

EAGLE FAIR   Saturday, September 13, 2014 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M at the SLTC at Cricket Holler 

2015 WORLD JAMBOREEJuly 28 - August 8, 2015

In 2015, more than 30,000 Scouts and leaders from 161 countries around the world will converge on Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi, Japan, for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.


Assistant Council Commissioner

The new ADC Recruitment Plan has been offered to assist each of our districts in both subdividing their district into service areas AND with securing new Assistant District Commissioners for those service areas. The goal is for each district to recruit a management team (District Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioners) who will then recruit Unit Commissioners and supply much needed services to their units.

If you are a new ADC, or have been an ADC and would like a refresher training session please email Assistant Council Commissioner for Training, David Sword to inquire when one will be occurring.

 Unit Commissioner

While the plan to recruit Unit Commissioners is on-going with a goal of one Commissioner per every three units, a new recruitment effort is being rolled out by each District to make that 3 to 1 ratio a success and continue their service and support to units in 2014.

Remember the words from our Council Commissioner in his monthly message; we’re looking for a few good Scouters to service units by sharing the friendship! The goal is to have each Unit Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioner hold only one job in Scouting, the focus of that “one job” gives the units they serve more of a chance at success.

In the meantime, don’t stop looking for that future star      Commissioner,        leave no stone unturned.  If you are, or know of a good Scouter that’s looking for a different challenge within Scouting, contact your District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, or one of the Council Commissioner Corps members, you’ll be glad you did! WE WANT YOU!




*Unit Commissioners

*District & Assistant District Commissioner

*Roundtable Commissioner

*Roundtable/Huddle Staff Scouters Training Key

*District Committee Key

*District Award of Merit

Reminder to ALL Commissioners:  Check out the requirements for these awards, you too may already qualify and just need to get them signed off.  Download the form and fill in the blanks and have your District Commissioners approve and then submit to our ACC David Sword for processing.


If you have a suggestion on what should go in that particular graphic area of the MVC home page for the future, please pass the suggestion to our ACC-Marketing/Communications, Joe Isherwood at

In the meantime, we’ve decided to leave up the Uncle Sam the Commissioner seeking more Commissioners, at least until we have our 3:1 (Units per Unit Commissioner) ratio within sight!


If you haven’t read your emails recently, or visited our Facebook page, you’re missing out on the latest news and updates, go to Commissioner Corps Facebook and join the fun! LIKE US so we can continue to grow!

In our thoughts and prayers…

Rest In Peace
Art Richardson, we miss you!

Former Miami Valley Council Commissioner Bill Kane’s recent obituary:

William J. (Bill) KANE

KANE, William J. "Bill" age 89, a native of Dunkirk, New York and a resident of Dayton, Ohio for over 30 years, passed away peacefully July 5, 2014. Preceded in death by his parents Francis J Kane, DDS and Katherine Regan Kane, his wife of 57 years Eleanor Helfrich Kane, his son Commander Stephan P. Kane, USN (Ret.), his brother Colonel Francis J. Kane, USA (Ret.), his brother-in-law Joseph A. Helfrich, Jr. DDS and wife Esther of West Chester, PA. He is survived by his daughter-in-law Katherine Klein Kane and three grandchildren Stephan P. Kane II, Kevin Joseph Kane, and Mary Claire Regina Kane, who reside in Hawaii, his sister-in-law Rosalind Kane of El Paso, Texas, nieces Theresa Kane Whipple of Madison, WI, Diane Salinger of Los Angeles, CA, Elaine Salinger Ketner DVM of San Francisco, CA and Susan Salinger Samelson of Long Island, NY, Adrienne Kane Monroe of Houston, TX, Christina Kane Clemans of Tampa, FL, Ellen Kane Scott of Dallas, TX, Catherine Helfrich Amsterdam of Philadelphia, PA, Cynthia Helfrich Connors of Philadelphia, PA, and his nephews, Matthew Kane of Houston, TX, and Joseph Helfrich III of Philadelphia, PA.

He was a retired Vice President and Trust Officer of National City Bank and a Professor Emeritus, Wright State University. He had been awarded the Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU), the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) designations.

He graduated with a BBA from St. Bonaventure University where he was Junior Class President and President of Student Senate and earned a Masters in Financial Services from American College as well as graduating from the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Rutgers University. He was a World War II veteran of the European Theater and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, USA with twenty-two years of active and reserve service. His most significant assignment was as Commander, 2nd Special Forces Group (ABN). He was past president of the following Organizations: Dayton Chapter Reserve Officers Association, Dayton Council of Navy League, Estate Planning Council of the Miami Valley, Miami Valley Military Miniatures Society, Company of Military Historians, Dayton Chapter of Chartered Life Underwriters and Chartered Financial Consultants and the Serra Club of Dayton.

He had over 80 years of service in the Boy Scouts including, Unit, District, Council, Area, Regional and National Assignments, including District Chairman, Vice President-Program, Council Commissioner and Council President of the Miami Valley Council and Area Wood Badge Coordinator. He was also a Wood Badge Course Director. His Scouting awards include Eagle Scout, St. George Award, Silver Beaver, National Distinguished Commissioner Award and Outstanding Eagle Scout Award.

He was designated as a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians, and has received their Distinguished Service Award.

He also received Service Awards from the Dayton Chapter of CLU and ChFC. He was designated as a Knight Commander in the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. He is also a member of the Knights of Malta and has made two pilgrimages to Lourdes, France with them. He has served as a lay lector in three catholic parishes since 1962. He served on the following boards: Columbus and Dayton Association of Life Underwriters, Dayton Chapter of International Financial Planners, Chaminade High School, Emmanuel Catholic Parish, the Military Affairs Committee of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, Oakwood Kiwanis Club and Kettering Rotary.

In lieu of flowers we recommend a contribution to the William J, Kane Financial Services Scholarship, Hospice of Dayton, Wright State University Foundation or the Endowment Fund of the Miami Valley Council BSA.

Drive for Five Award - Start working on requirements now!

Packs, Troops and Crews that fully participate in program planning and have membership growth are eligible to receive free Pinewood Derby Cars (for Packs) or two free weekends of tent camping at Cricket Holler Scout Camp or Woodland Trails Scout Reservation. Over 775 youth earned cars or free camping last year. Is your unit on track for Drive for Five?


You can leave a legacy for Scouting at the Leadership Training Center at Cricket Holler Scout Camp. Purchase a brick that will commemorate a special occasion, recognize an accomplishment, or honor individuals or organizations.


If you are traveling within council boundaries and not doing a high risk event, you may not need a Tour Plan. Please note that all Cub Scout Overnight Camping trips, regardless of where they take place, must have an approved Tour Plan. While we recommend Tour Plans for all unit activities, follow the link to learn when a Tour Plan must be submitted.

NEW ADDITION TO EACH MONTHLY EMAIL BLAST…a unique Scouting graphic for you to view, share, or use for your own entertainment!

Topic: Outing in Scouting


At each monthly Commissioner Cabinet meeting there’s a bit of fun for those competitive souls, a question of the month.  Those in attendance at the monthly meeting have the opportunity to win a great gift if they are the first to supply the correct answer.  We hope to see you at our next monthly meeting which will be the Council Coordinated Meeting with a Commissioner Cabinet break-out on Thursday, August 28th starting at
7 PM in the meantime here’s a question to hold you over until we meet again.

Topic: Helping Units Succeed. The main responsibility of a Commissioner is to keep Scouting units alive,      

healthy, happy, and reregistered on time.  In satisfying these responsibilities the Commissioner will face

many problems and be required to solve them or assist in their solution.

Question (multiple choice):  What are the two headings in each situational issue dealing with problems within a Pack/Troop or Crew as stated in the publication Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops and Crews?

A. Standards and Key 3 Action

B. Standards and Commissioner Action

C. None of the Above


The Annual Commissioner Service Plan gives specific purposes for regular and supportive contact with units by the Commissioner Corps, usually the Unit Commissioner.  This plan encourages commissioner visits and guides unit activities toward being quality units.  The recommended Commissioner Service Plan follows the natural flow of adding new members, purchasing uniforms, preparing for summer camp, unit program planning, and replacing adult leadership.

Unit Commissioners should make at least monthly visits.  Commissioners must be close enough to their units to know what is happening, and their contact must help the units strengthen their capability to deliver Scouting to the youths.  Contact with units will encompass visits to unit meetings, to unit committee meetings, or to unit Scouters homes to help units solve problems and improve unit meetings, promote roundtables, complete Annual Commissioner Service Plan action items, and provide other help.

August 2014 Action Items

For Commissioners: Orientation/Training

For Packs: 1Program Planning & 2Webelos 2 Troop Visits

For Troops: 1Program Planning & 3New Scout Advancements

For Crews: 1Program Planning

September 2014 Action Items

  For Commissioners: Commissioner Conference
  For Packs: 4Fall School Night Recruiting, 5Executive Officer Visits & 6Membership Inventory
  For Troops: 5Executive Officer Visits & 6Membership Inventory
  For Crews: 5Executive Officer Visits & 6Membership Inventory

1Program Planning-Cub               Program Planning-Boy                  Program Planning-Venturing

2Webelos 2 Troop Visits

3New Scout Advancements
4Fall School Night Recruiting
5Executive Officer Visits
6Membership Inventory - the process of reconciling registered members to actual members.  This is an important step in the annual recharter process and is conducted by the Unit Commissioner and the Unit Committee.                                                                                                                                                                                                   


While we await the release of a National tool kit, the Miami Valley Council’s Commissioner Corps has released one of their own.

Check out this new tool for Commissioners, more will be added as it becomes available. In the meantime, if you as a Commissioner in the field you need, or find a particular document let us know and we’ll place it in the toolkit.



This training is for all adults that are involved in the Scouting Program: Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, Webelos Den Leaders, Troop and Pack Committee Members, Varsity Team Leaders, and Venturing Crew Advisors, as well as all adults offering support to a Pack, Troop, Team, or Crew.

By attending the Buckskin Trail you will learn the rules of Safe Scouting, how to be trained in Youth Protection, and learn the skills of Outdoor activities.

The functions of the Scout Troop and its committees will also be explained as you become a member of the Buckskin Scout Troop, form patrols, and operate as part of the Troop using the Patrol Method.

It is very important to be trained to enrich your knowledge of the Boy Scout Program. Understanding the
program ensures the success of each Troop and each Scout in the Troop. By coming to the Buckskin Trail you will feel at ease with using the Scouting Program, and will be able to make Scouting FUN for you and your Scouts.

Many Scouters return to the Buckskin Trail each year to help their fellow Scouters by sharing their experiences and knowledge, and in the process enrich their lives by renewing friendships they have made on the Trail.

Please join the Buckskin Trail this year and help make your Scouting experience safe and fun for you and your Scouts through an increased understanding of the Scout Program.

Contact Course Director, John Miller for more information.


Read more about Wood Badge in a recent Scouting magazine (March/April14)



GREAT NEWS…THERE WILL BE A WOOD BADGE COURSE IN 2015, the Training Committee and Wood Badge staff met to reorganize their efforts to secure the minimum number of participants* to hold a course in 2015. 

*BSA National standards state a Council can only hold a course if a minimum of 30 paid-in-full participants sign up 30 days prior to the start date.

So if you missed the opportunity to sign up for Wood Badge this year, or you were scheduled to attend this past summer now’s the time NOT TO DELAY, get your reservation in now. The dates for 2015’s Wood Badge course will be September 11-13, 2015 (Friday-Sunday) and October 3-5, 2015 (Saturday-Monday)

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact Mark A. Davis, Course Director (and a member of the Commissioner Corps) at (937) 884-5970, or by e-mail at


NYLT (Bear Claw)

This is your chance to practice what you have learned, rekindle old friendships, make new friendships, and help train the next group of youth leaders in our troops and crews.  The 2015 NYLT (Bear Claw) already has their schedule out and anxious to get started!

Contact NYLT Course Director, Matt Fitzharris at for more information.


Training without action is futile; action without training is fatal…LBP

Your unit leaders need training. You must encourage them to participate and to use the methods and skills that they learn in training events. Help them to put their training into practice. Knowing how to be successful does little good if that knowledge is not used.

Sometimes you find a unit with a lot of activity and a hardworking leader, but the program only vaguely resembles that of the Boy Scouts of America. With training, the leader could be really effective. Action which does not lead toward the purposes of Scouting is dangerous to the life of a unit.


Big changes are being made to the MVC Training web page. The first new feature is the Position Training Checker, this will allow any leader to find out what training is required for their position, with just the click of a mouse.


Future Train-A-Con and other training dates:

September 27, 2014 (Saturday), Train-A-Con, SLTC, Cricket Holler Scout Camp

INSTRUCTORS NEEDED for OWL (Outdooor Webelos Leader) and IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leaders Skills). Contact Training Cmte. Chair, Marti Isherwood at if you can assist!

November 1, 2014 (Saturday), University of Scouting, Location: St Henry’s (across from Cox Arboretum)


2015 National Eagle Directory Update Underway  

It is standard practice by universities and other alumni associations to conduct a directory project for alumni about every four years. The last Eagle Scout Directory project was conducted in 2008. Therefore, the National Eagle Scout Association has entered into an agreement with Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI) to publish a 2015 Eagle Scout Directory. PCI is a well-established publisher of alumni directories whose clients include SMU, the University of Colorado, Harvard, and the U.S. Naval Academy. In conjunction with this project, PCI will invite Eagle Scouts to update their information as well as purchase an Eagle Scout directory and/or a NESA membership if they are not already a member.

PCI will conduct its outreach to Eagle Scouts from April through November 2014.

Any questions or inquiries please visit the Eagle Scout Directory FAQ page found at


Gather your friends and ride your bikes to Cricket Holler for the third annual MVC Bike-In.


We hope this communication tool will assist you in your service to units.  More information can be obtained on our Premier Commissioner Corps webpage, OR check us out and LIKE us on our Facebook page.

This email will be sent out monthly on the 21st of each month, its publish date should remind us of the day the first BSA National Commissioner, Daniel Carter Beard was born (June 21, 1850).


ANSWER TO THIS MONTH’S QUESTION:  B. Standards and Commissioner Action

The Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops and Crews will assist you in solving problems. This is especially true when the help of an experienced Scouter is not available. A word of caution: The suggestions presented within this publication are no substitute for your own creative solutions as you apply knowledge, experience, and diplomacy to the situations with which you are faced.

References: Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops and Crews, # 33618




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