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Council Commissioner Corps


Visit our Miami Valley Council's Commissioner Corps page which went "live" on Wednesday, June 26th. Don't forget to "LIKE" us once you're their so we can start to reach more people.  This is the next step in our Communication/Marketing & Recruitment Plan, stay tuned for more exciting tools.  Set up your own Facebook page and "Like" us so we can get more visibility. Click on the link below:

Commissioner Corps




What is the Role of the District and Council in Recruitment?

The District Recruitment Chair, District Membership committee and professional staff are responsible for helping prepare the pack leaders in their area to receive boys. Specific responsibilities are:

District Recruitment Chair

  • Recruit and train Recruitment Trainers and Coaches.
  • Assign Trainers and Coaches to work with specific packs (after prioritizing the needs of each pack).
  • Assist in conducting the district’s Recruitment Training.
  • Confirm Sign-Up and Parent Orientation dates with pack leaders.
  • Communicate with Trainers and Coaches to ensure every pack is prepared to conduct a successful Recruitment campaign.
  • Coordinates the collection of new member applications.

 Recruitment Trainer

  • Trains the pack leaders in how to develop a program plan for the year, a budget and a pack newsletter.
  • Is closely involved with the pack in planning the Recruitment Night Sign-Up & Parent Orientation meetings.
  • Assists pack leaders with conducting the Recruitment Night meetings.

Recruitment Coach or Commissioner

  • Contacts the pack leaders prior to Recruitment Night to ensure they are ready.
  • Attends the pack Recruitment Night meeting to assist as needed and help collect applications.

 Professional Staff

  • Communicates with School Superintendents and Principals to set boy talks and distribute flyers.
  • Works with the council support staff to print recruiting flyers.
  • Arranges the school visit to distribute flyers and talk to the boys about Cub Scouting.
  • Collects applications from the District Fall Recruitment Chair


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