Cricket Holler Scout Camp

Tucked into the northern area of Dayton, Cricket Holler Scout Camp provides a great mix of camping styles and opportunities and is located minutes away from Air Force Museum. Camp sites exist for tent camping, adirondack camping, and cabin camping. Tucked into the camp is the Schiewetz Leadership Training Center which is designed to support corporate as well as scouting needs for meetings, trainings, and social gatherings.

The serenity of this wilderness tucked into the middle of city life provides an escape from the hustle of town without needing to travel miles out of town.

Cricket Holler Scout Camp offers the closest and most affordable camping opportunities to the US Air Force Museum. Camp in the wilderness and then visit the skies at the US Air Force Museum just an 18 minute easy drive from camp.

Camp Resources

Cricket Holler Scout Camp Map (PDF)                                 Cricket Holler History (PDF)

Cricket Holler Tree Identification (PDF)                               Cricket Holler Soils Map (PDF)